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Pacesetter MM&E Foundation

In This Lifetime

Pacesetter MM&E Foundation is a 'not-for-profit' organisation.

We partner with governments, NGO's and similar organisations that share a common interest in making a difference in the lives of ordinary everyday people.

The scope of our activities include (but not restricted) to job creation through investment activities and tertiary/special vocational education to benefit mainly underprivileged and disadvantaged youths who lack the wherewithal to compete for a place in the mainstream jobs and education arena.

We offer grants as well as business start-up loans repayable 'without interest' to unemployed youths in developing countries to alleviate poverty and encourage self reliance.

Why Us?

If we say it is not our job to help others in need...............Whose job is it?

What Makes Us Different

Pacesetter MM&E foundation activities have one thing in common. We offer well planned, long term and effective solutions to socioeconomic problems peculiar to underprivileged youths in developing countries.  

Our First Employee

1,000 Happy Customers